Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a modern strategy game in which you will control a huge empire and your own army to defend it.

Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons is a fantasy MMO game with a unique combat system from the creators of Rise of Kingdoms.

So many deals we've helped broker

"Bum bag."

10% / transaction
  • Accepting money from the buyer
  • Transferring money to the seller
  • Assistance in conducting the transaction
  • Resolving disputes
  • Checking bindings
  • Cleaning the auto-entry
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Transaction process

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How many years have you been in business?

We have been on the market for over three years

How safe is it to buy an account?

It all depends on the seller, there are cases when they sell stolen accounts that are hard to identify the "Passenger". We try to minimize the risks by checking all the background of the linked accounts.

How long does the transaction take?

The transaction takes +-3 hours on average. If people have already made transactions through us and do everything in advance, the transaction may take less than 1 hour. The longest transactions take place with Iphone, or if one of the bindings is blocked for suspected activity. In such cases you need to wait for 24 hours from the moment of unblocking.

What security assurances from you?

From our side we do everything qualitatively with inspections. Our reviews are proof of that. There are cases when Google or Facebook storms and we are powerless, but this rarely happens.